Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Passenger - Let Her Go

I just recently heard Passenger's "Let her go" and it is currently one of my favourite songs. I hope you like it too :)
I don't really know much of Passenger's other music, so please listen with caution!
The Singer


Rachèl said...

Hi Singer! This is such an awesome blog! I don't know how long you've been doing this but I think you helped and inspired a lot of people already! You also inspired me. I decided to start a similar blog, but then in dutch, because there are very few dutch blogs about this subject... Would you mind looking at my blog sometimes? Maybe you have tips or something. I would really appreciate that! (there is a translate button!) Btw I'm still looking for the perfect template, so if you think it looks bad; I'm still working on it! :) May God bless you!

Greetings Rachèl

Dasha said...

I love the song!! Love his voice, melody, the lyrics... Everything!!

I just wrote a post about him, actually. Check my blog if you want.