Monday, 3 September 2012

Victoria Justice and Max Schneider - Maroon 5 Medley

Oh, I looove this medley by Victoria Justice of the television programme "Victorious" and Max Schneider of "How To Rock", put together by music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider (the guy who produces Sam Tsui). I really like how they took a lot of not so great songs (they sound really cool, by Maroon 5 music is DEFINITELY not clean!) and put them together to form one, great AND clean song! Their voices are so nice too!! XD
Hope y'all like it!!
The Singer

P.S. They did a medley of Bruno Mars music too, but I'm afraid I'm npt gonna post it, because it has two minor things which aren't the cleanest, but its not too bad, so if you're interested, follow this link: and check it out. Just be aware that there are those two not so great words in it :)

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